S A L E of Ephemera, Ceramics
Weblink: https://ephemera.immoschneider.com/

✓ Visual Identity Coming Soon
Design and writing instructions for ‘Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik’

facets, faces
Book design for the eponymous exhibiton facets, faces by the curatorial studies 2020, Städelschule Frankfurt.
2021 Frankfurt (Germany)
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Website for interior design studio LOES.BETA.GMBH
2021 Berlin (Germany)
Weblink: http://loes.beta.gmbh/

Sky Is The Limit
Website and physical Workshop at UdK Berlin, taught together with Melissa Lücking
2021 Berlin (Germany)
Weblink: http://sky-is-the-limit.org/

Writing instructions for the creation of text.
2021, Berlin (Germany)
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New Formage
Collaboration and product design with berlin based Studio Ertl&Zull.
2020 Berlin (Netherlands/Germany)
Weblink: http://newformage.de

✓ New Performance Culture – NPCU
Typedesign for Pauline Gabert
2020, Berlin (Germany)
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Cucina é bello!
Collaboration with italian and Amsterdam based artist Elena Braida.
2020, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
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MYLASHER – whats in you
Catalogue Design for solo exhibition
2020, Bern (Switzerland)
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Roman Tkachenko
Website for Russia/Amsterdam based artist Roman Tkachenko.
2018/19, Amsterdam/Berlin (Netherlands/Germany)
Weblink: http://tkachenkoroman.com/

Ceramic installation
2018, Leipzig (Germany)
800 mm × 1200 mm
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Mode A to Z for Fanfare
Book Intervention, ceramic
2018, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
85 mm × 135 mm × 15 mm
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HGB Program
Bimonthly program of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
2017–2018, Leipzig (Germany)
154 × 468 mm
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Markus Mai
Website for Leipzig/Berlin based artist Markus Mai.
2018, Leipzig (Germany)
Weblink: http://maimarkus.com/

Tine Günther
A retrospective catalogue of Leipzig based artist Tine Günther.
2018, Leipzig (Germany)
240 × 300 mm
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Natalia Blahova
Website for Amsterdam based ceramic artist Natalia Blahova.
2018, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Weblink: http://www.nataliablahova.com/

Exhibition view of Noren at Lichthof HGB Leipzig.
2017, Leipzig (Germany)
1400 × 1400 mm
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Forming Performing
Thesis design for Gerrit Rietveld graduate Carine Holties (Ceramics Department)
2016, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
148 × 297 mm
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Study of different working situations
Various situations at different places around the globe. 🌍
An active investigation of how to work.
Ongoing research since 2015.

Specimen - Bending moments were always...
Insights on a further thought state than the typeface itself
2016, Berlin (Germany)
375 × 520 mm
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Favorit Lining
A typeface with and for Dinamo
2016–2018, Berlin (Germany)
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I don't have any weapons
Lookbook for Berlin based fashion designer Serhat Isik.
2016, Berlin (Germany)
297 × 210 mm
with and for Johannes Breyer
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Lookbook and custom typeface for Berlin based fashion label Casestudies
2016, Berlin (Germany)
e-book, size varies
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Malerei, Zeichnung und Druckgrafik
Catalogue for Frankfurt based artist Vroni Schwegler.
2014, Frankfurt (Germany)
200 × 267 mm
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Florian David
Website for photographer Florain David.
2017, Frankfurt/Berlin (Germany)
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