facets, faces   2021   Frankfurt (Germany)   Book 74 mm × 105 mm   Spatial Design   Exhibition at fffriedrich, Frankfurt

The book revisits classic book design as an arch for the framing question of the exhibitions underlying question of identity, fragmentation and the visibility of such. With these mechanisms and similar to the working methods of the selected artists, the book dissolves the preconception of its own identity, by breaking with the biggest no gos in common typography.

Widows and orphans are the baseline of this books text layout – you know someone had to do this at some point – and a small invention, as we call it, postponed hyphenation, adds to the fragmentary approach of the exhibitions main theme. The concept is breaking with the stereotypes of a ‘well made’ book and simultanously leaving the spectator with a basic first impression. As so often, we have to look closely to realise and see our preconceptions.

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Spatial concept and corresponding floor plan (photography: Sonja Palade)